Monday, March 04, 2013

A steam train trip

On Sunday 3rd March 2013 I was going on a steam train trip. The train was going from Sydney Central on a two and a quarter hour journey to Thirlmere. We were being hauled by the loco 3642.
It was good that there was not a diesel unit in sight so journey was guaranteed to be entirely steam powered.
The previous 24 hours in Sydney had been continuous rain, strong winds and cold conditions. So it was with a sense of  relief that I set off on Sunday morning with drier conditions and the chance of sunshine. The first ferry on a Sunday from South Mosman was at 9:30am and this would not get me to Sydney Central in time for the 10:00am departure.
So my trip today was going involve, a walk of 25 minutes uphill to a bus stop, a bus ride over the harbour bridge to Wynyard, where I would get an electric train to Sydney Central.

At Central it was still looking cloudy but it was warm and the wind was slackening.
Our loco for the day was 3642
Steam up
On the footplate
The rear observation carriage and the sun was peaking out
2.25 hours later we arrived at Thirlmere after a very pleasant ride. The journey was mainly uphill and our speed peaked at about 55 MPH.

There were so many full carriages that the train would not all fit onto the platform.
The signal box was being restored.
I did take a few videos with my newly repaired camera and I have posted a couple of these on Youtube.
Here is one.
There were a number of different locos either shunting carriages or taking passengers on a 50 minute sightseeing trip. Here is 2705 
This is the engine that pulled us all the way from Sydney.
3265 on duty.
At the level crossing.
In the trainworks museum.
Old and very big.
Open cab.
A blinking long and big Garret.
Heritage diesel.
I'm glad this was static.
There were dozens of engines on static display.
Another biggy.
I think that this one was made in the UK.
The good old days of mining.
3642 on the turntable.
Is this phosphor bronze ?
Footplate gubbins.
The green lever with the red handle is the regulator. Just to show that I do know a little about these engines.
English nameplate.
Back out in the town of Thirlmere they were holding what looked like a very successful festival. They had a few steam engines on a smaller scale.
The local.
Trips for the kids.
Dancing in the street.
Contact the council if you want a stand next year.
Live music.
Our loco getting ready for the return trip.
The children enjoyed getting close to these hot and loud machines.
Coupling up to the carriages.
A last photo while I walked over the level crossing.
On a bend.
Mostly downhill.
Back at Sydney Central right on time at 5:50 pm
It had been a very enjoyable day and I just needed to catch an electric train to Circular Quay and then the Mosman ferry, before a short but intense uphill walk would get me back home.


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