Thursday, December 14, 2006

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Hi all

Over the last few weeks I have has exercise ecg’s, 24 hour monitor ecg’s, an ecg at my doctors surgery and blood tests. Last night I saw a consultant cardiologist who said my heart operation was normal. Yippeeeee.
He will now send a report to the CAA and eventually I will be able to finish off my aviation medical that started this whole process running. There is a suspicion that one of the electrodes on my aviation medical ecg was fitted in the wrong position by one rib. In fact the regular nurse that normally did the ecg test was suffering from a bad cold and when I arrived for the medical she was surrounded by other female members of staff who convinced her to go home. I was thinking that she should do my ecg first before going home but off she went. Another nurse fitted the electrodes and maybe this was the start of the saga. It has cost me quite a lot in time and money but at least I now know that my heart has been properly checked out.

Over the last two weeks Mrs Peewit has been sunbathing on a beach in some far off exotic place. The washing machine has been standing idle ever since she left. However, she is back on Saturday so the washing machine is due for a pounding tomorrow. Whilst I am at it, I will also be hoovering, washing floors, cleaning loos, etc. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
Today is my last chance to finish off those kippers, smoked haddock, curried beans and my tin of Spam (a quality British meat product), as I do not want their various smells lingering for Mrs Peewit's return.

Just in case you thought that nothing exciting ever happens in Bisley here is a picture taken in summer.

It is duck racing on the village green.


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