Saturday, July 31, 2010

Narrowboat frenzy

The section of the Basingstoke canal near where I live was dried out for a while to allow the fitting of some new lockgates.

Here are the new gates just after they had been fitted

A few days later the canal was flooded again, so having lived here for two months and not having seen a single boat go by it was a pleasant surprise to see the first two of a fleet coming along.
Having got into the lock they had trouble trying to close the downstream gates due to the accumulation of debris in the canal

The new gates in use

They eventually got the gates closed

Time to flood the lock

Almost ready to open the new gates for the first time

Open at last

The first narrowboat makes its way onward

Travelling companion

Heading for the next lock that is close to my house

Through the lock and heading for the brick bridge

Narrowboat seen from my bedroom window

More boats came up afterwards. Hardly a frenzy but at least the canal was in use for once


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steam hauled awayday

I took a trip to the seaside yesterday. I was travelling by steam train to Weymouth.
The weather was lovely at Weymouth and I met a friend from college and work days who I have known for almost fifty years (that is a scary number). We walked along the promenade and had lunch at the Oasis cafe. I had a Portland crab sandwich and it was the best crab sandwich I have ever had.

This loco called Bittern was hauling us down to Weymouth and here it is arriving at Woking where I joined the train.

The journey to Weymouth was really enjoyable with some high speed sections and literally thousands of people who had come to take photos along the route. They were at stations, on bridges, standing in fields, at level crossings and hanging out of office windows.

After our three and a half hour journey from Woking we arrived at Weymouth where passengers where queueing up to speak to the driver.

The holiday season has started in Weymouth

A very pleasant walk along the prom

After our three hour halt in Weymouth, Bittern hauled the coaches back into the station. As on departure the train has to ascend the steep climb on the Upwey bank we going to have another loco pulling us with Bittern pushing

Sir Lamiel that was built in 1925 was hauling us and would take the train right through to Waterloo

Getting ready on the footplate

We travelled near Poole harbour. Some passengers were drinking a strange mix of lager and Newcastle brown ale.

After a long period of no rain the water had a lot of green on the surface

We stopped to pick up water at Eastleigh and many passengers wanted to see what was going on

Time for some checks in the cab

I thought the water would come from one of those overhead towers but apparently they are long gone, so ours came from a fire tanker

They just rememberd to fit up the correct sign

Time to oil a few bearings

I disembarked at Woking and walked up to see the engine

Bye bye as the train continues on to Waterloo


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Monday, July 26, 2010


My youngest daughter managed to get some tickets for a historic race day at Silverstone. She also bought me a lovely cooked breakfast in nearby Brackley to give the perfect start to the day. After breakfast we travelled the few miles to the Silverstone circuit where they had held the F1 Grand Prix just two weeks previously.

The start/ finish straight

Historic F1 cars in the pits

This Austin A35 was in the same pit as the F1 cars

Paint your car sir ?

The pre race assembly area

Admiring one of the many older racing cars

My daughter would love to own one of these

I would not mind an AC Cobra

Wheeling a JPS down to the start area

Busy pit lane

Entering the final straight

There must have been thousands of classic and enthusiasts cars at the event. These were Lotus seven's.

The historic F1 cars in the race

A few of my favourites




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