Thursday, September 25, 2008

Living in Oz

Living in Oz

Hi, It has been a while since I have updated my blog so this post is overdue.

Firstly, for those that are interested in my daily diary of events when I was doing my three week private pilot training at Naples Air Center in Florida, this is all available by looking at the posts for February 2006. I did try to detail everything so this may be useful for anyone considering going on this PPL course.

In my last post I was living in Woking, England. Since then I have sold my house and am now living in Sydney, Australia.

Just look at the view I wake up to each morning.

The weather is great and the beach, countryside or city are very close at hand. Currently I am here on a 12 month visitor visa and will be returning to England next March. I am in the queue to get a full residential visa so once I have that I will be staying longer in the Sydney area.

Balmoral beach

I am not flying here yet and will wait until I come back on a full visa. Then I will get a car and be able to drive to Bankstown airport and fly from there. It is a great place to fly and the sunny weather helps to. There is special route called the Victor 1 route ( that flies over Sydney harbour, the bridge and city. It also takes in some of the many beaches.
I am hoping that soon I can take a flight on the classic de Havilland Beaver floatplane. I will be a passenger on this flight that takes off from Rose Bay and flies up to a place called Cottage Point. Here it lands and everybody has lunch before making the return flight back to Rose Bay in Port Jackson.

Bye for now


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