Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thumbs up Panasonic TZ30, thumbs down Samsung WB850F

It has been a pleasure over the last couple of months to be able to go out and about with a camera that you know will just work when you want it to. I am talking about my new Panasonic TZ30 that is my ideal compact, travel zoom. I no longer have to plan to take a photo, knowing that with the now redundant Samsung WB850F that it would probably not start or would take out of focus photographs. During my year of using the WB850F it went back to the repairers three times and became so frustrating that I had to replace it.
So here are a few unplanned grab shots taken while visiting areas around Sydney.

Spotted overhead when I walked around Iron Cove. Iron Cove is also the place where a lot of people go for a run or cycle, being a flat path around the bay.
Tied up at the Overseas Passenger Terminal
Rabbits in Curraghbeena Park. Using zoom from my apartment window.
About to dismantle the mirror at the MCA.
Farm Cove
Crane at Garden Island
Manly ferries in Autumn sunshine.
Middle Head panorama.
Local favourite.
Sitting in the sun at Circular Quay.
The bus at North Head.
Fishing at Bradleys Head.
'Two up' on Anzac Day.
Cruise liners leave Port Jackson.
Looking towards Long Reef.
Steam at Sydney Central station.
Footplate controls.
Double banked for trip to Moss Vale.
Sails in the sunset.
Manly ferry.
You have been warned.
Parsley Bay.
Vaucluse House.
Foggy morning.
The local ferry from my window.
At the Quarantine Station.
Many passengers from England came to journey's end here.
Observatory view.
Oh well, I have enjoyed this trip to NSW. Back to the UK next week and a british Summer I hope.
However, at the moment it is still a deal warmer in Sydney than it is in Surrey.


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