Sunday, March 31, 2013

A local walk

I decided to go for a local walk from Curraghbeena Point to Neutral Bay. I had not considered this walk before as it involves a little bit of pavement bashing as you approach Neutral Bay, whereas I normally prefer to stick to entirely foreshore tracks. However it was a lovely Saturday morning, on an Easter weekend, so while everyone else was heading off to the shops, I would do the walk knowing that there was a very nice cafe at my destination.

Just a few photos that I took on the day before my walk.

I thought that this lift was a little ambitious. 
The Manly ferry arrives at Circular Quay.
The AMP building.
Anyway, it was time for the walk. I was using a Garmin GPS unit to create a breadcrumb trail as well as my new TZ30 camera to take photos. Later I would then be able to upload the results onto the Everytrail website to create a record and route for my walk.

The walk started outside my apartment block at Curraghbeena Point.
Head up Raglan Street.
Cross over a footpath until you descend to Mosman Bay.
Lots of boats moored up here.
As you walk around the head of the bay, you can see some of lovely houses in this area.
Have just picked up the path to Cremorne Point.
Looking down the bay.
The footpath is tarmac all the way.
You pass the Old Cremorne ferry wharf.
The harbour is in the distance.
Tree lined route.
As you approach Cremorne Point the headland narrows and you can see across to the city.
I continued on right to the tip of the headland and looked back.
Sky-writing. It is Easter.
A bench with a view.
Back to the path.
Eventually when you have completed the walk around Cremorne Point you need to walk on roads but they are pleasant suburban locations.
The walk took just over an hour at a gentle stroll and here is the Thelma and Louise cafe at Neutral Bay. I found time for a coffee and croissant here.
A small beach at Neutral Bay.
Having completed my walk, I caught a ferry to Circular Quay. As you left Neutral Bay you could get a glimpse of the harbour bridge.
I had a sit down at Circular Quay while waiting for a ferry to take me back to South Mosman.
This busker was good and helped make the time sat in warm sunshine with a great view just fly by.
I am glad that I made the effort to do the walk.


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BiCentennial Park

It was a beautiful start to the day so I thought that I would take a trip to the Sydney Olympic park and hire a push bike for a pleasant cycle around the many cycle friendly paths.

I needed to go by ferry and then two trains in order to arrive at Concord West that is the station within walking distance of the park. As usual my ferry got to Circular Quay and just stopped within sight of the ferry wharf. The various trains going from Circular Quay to Central were all being missed as we flopped about by the Opera House. I got bored and took a photo while another passenger read a chapter of his book.
Some time later I arrived in Bi-Centennial Park that is part of the Sydney Olympic park complex.
Here is the bike hire place.
I cycled by some wetlands and Mangroves. On this saltmarsh was a bird. I think it is a Black Winged Stilt.
Some time later I arrived at the Archery Centre.
This guy seemed to score a lot of bulls but he had moved the target much closer towards him.
Another archer, this time with the full range target.
My hired bike. It was a hybrid mountain bike with 21 gears and seemed fine.
Later I came to this hill. It is steep although it does not look it. I pushed the bike up the rough track to the top so that I could take this photograph. I hope that it was worth the effort.
I arrived somewhat hot at the Armory Wharf cafe after my excursions in what was probably a 30°C ambient temperature. Anyway I reserved a table and a little later had a lovely lunch with an ice cold beer.
Not too many cyclists out today, so just my bike in the racks.
The old Armory train tracks with the cranes for unloading munitions in the distance.
A nice spot.
Enjoying this perching place.
After lunch I cycled along the Parramatta River bank until I reached the Silverwater Bridge where I decided to retrace my route for the return journey. I would not normally do this but the Easter Show was being held around the Olympic Stadiums and I wanted to avoid the traffic and crowds.
After returning my bike, it was time to sit under a shady tree and cool down.
My journey home was straightforward. It did seem much fresher and cooler on getting back to Sydney harbour but I had enjoyed the day.


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Lumix pics

Having retired my less than one year old Samsung WB850F camera as just too unreliable, I went out on a couple trips just armed with my new Panasonic TZ30. Here are some of the photos that I took.
I'm pleased with the camera so far. Peewit
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