Monday, February 08, 2016

Time flies, cricket, tennis, cycling, F1

I am amazed how quickly time passes. It does not seem long since I arrived in Melbourne last November but already tournaments and races have come and gone.
There were six WBBL matches at the nearby Junction Oval
 Team huddle before the match
 Getting that extra purchase
 Fountain in the park
 Rowing on the Yarra. I am looking forward to Henley Regatta on the 20th
 Purple trains
WBBL semifinals
 Football stadium
 Tennis venue
 WBBL and BBL finals at the G
 Nice day for cricket
 Crowd builds up for men's match
 Sydney Thunder won both WBBL and BBL final
 Mascots racing
 Flypast on Australia Day
 You could visit Government House
 Vintage cars on display in Kings Domain
 A week earlier this F1 structure was a green field
 We do get a rainy morning on occasions
 Aus v India T20 at the G
 Boundary ball coming
 Another four
 Cheatle has her own style
 Ferling does not jump so much now
 India won the match and the series
 I went on a guided tour
 Our guide shows us Hosiers Lane
 Can you see the man's face in this building ?
 Standing in a fountain for a selfie. I would not do that.
 Fed Square buildings
 Phil Liggett introduces the SKY team at #SunTour 16
 'Froomey' (he won the tour)
 Individual time trial on South Bank

 Albert Park
 Lewis will probably ignore this 40 kph sign in 6 weeks time
 I hope the swans know about the Grand Prix
 Wedding in the Botanical Gardens
 A local T20 at Toorak Park
 Plenty Valley batting, Prahran CC fielding
 Good catch
 Run out
 despite the dive
 Sunny Sunday afternoon at Toorak Park
I noticed that the skills of some of the 1st grade players was a notch down from the WBBL and International players. This was mainly in the fielding. Prahran CC won this low scoring match.

There is plenty coming up including the Melbourne Grand Prix at Albert Park.
I will be there.


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Why I do not sell on Ebay

This is an extract from a post in 2013 but worth mentioning again.

I decided to sell my Samsung WB850F compact camera as I was no longer using it. Having paid over 300 GBP for it, I thought that I would put it up for auction on Ebay. The starting price was £5 and at the end of the seven day period it reached £115 having received a good number of bids.
There was no reaction from the winning bidder for a day, then I got an email saying that they had made a mistake and were pulling out of the deal. I was surprised that Ebay allowed this but they do. With 24 hours since the winning bid, I found that other bidders had already made other arrangements and so I was going have to keep my camera.
I needed to reclaim my Ebay selling commission but Ebay will not let you open a case for two days. Then they will not let you conclude the case for a further four days even though it was quite clear that the sale was gone.
You would have thought that I could leave negative feedback for the bidder that won the auction and then reneged on the deal, but no, Ebay apply no penalty to the bidder and I cannot leave any feedback.
So what do we all learn from this :-
1) Selling on Ebay is risky as the winning bidder can pull out of the sale with no penalty or negative feedback.
2) Opening a case within Ebay is a slow and unhelpful process.

It is hard to feel anything other than that of being taken for a sucker by Ebay.

I'll be using Gumtree in future. No fees or commission with them.