Friday, February 07, 2014

WT20 final at the WACA

I watched this on tv having seen the previous semi finals live a couple of days ago. It was great to have two of the lesser rated teams in the final.

The match got under way with the ACT Meteors batting. They got off to a slow start and struggled to score from the bowling of Holly Ferling and others. Both the batters and the fielders seemed very nervous during the first few overs, and mistakes were made by both sides. Nicola Browne got run out and was unable to replicate her batting performance from the previous match.
Eventually the ACT Meteors struggled to 107 runs off their twenty overs.
Holly Ferling was interviewed at the completion of the innings. She had been off the field for some of the time having taken a whack on the shin with the ball. However she still picked up two wickets during her spell of bowling.
Just as in the semi final the Queensland Fire soon chased down that low total with Delissa Kimmince putting in a stellar batting performance and getting 78 not out. This time Rhianna Dick was not to repeat her bowling success.
The ACT Meteors were probably upset but getting to the final could be the first step to a brighter future.
It was hugs all round for the winners.
Handshakes at the end of the match.
Player of The Final is interviewed.
The winning captain raises the new more robust trophy. I recall that E Inglis dropped the previous one.
Winning team photocall. Well done Queensland Fire.


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Being back in Sydney and watching some cricket

Hooray, I'm back in Sydney.

Firstly, just a heads up on something you should know.
It is apparent that Google are carrying out a systematic campaign of breaking their programs in order to force you into doing things that you do not want to do. I know that both Youtube and Picasa now have serious issues of things that used to work and now do not. There are plenty of rants on these problems to be seen on the internet.
I will be avoiding any new Google apps from now on.

Anyway I was back in Sydney in time for Australia Day. It was a bit cloudy on the day. Here is the finish of the Tall Ships race.
The view across the harbour from my new apartment. By the way you can see my webcam showing the view over to Circular Quay by clicking here. The link opens a new window.
The bridge and opera house from Milsons Point.
There was some racing on at the North Sydney pool.
At the NSW art gallery.
Opera House seen from the Harbour Bridge walkway.
I can see my apartment in this photo from the bridge.
I watched all of the Women's Ashes matches being played in Australia. I had to watch them with media, either streamed or on tv. I had seen some of the previous Ashes live back in England last summer. England had won that series but it was a tough challenge to take on the Southern Stars on their home soil. The test match was held over a four day period at the WACA in Perth. It was like a roller coaster ride with both teams taking apparently dominant positions. The English women bowlers found themselves bowling in temperatures of 48 degrees C. However England won the match that gave them a 6-0 points lead in the series. England won an ODI then subsequently sealed the retaining of the Ashes in a T20 at Hobart where the skipper Charlotte Edwards hit the winning 4. Out of all of the seven matches played, the Southern Stars did win four of them but not the test match. There were comments afterwards that the points system placed too much emphasis on the single test match. However even if the points had been 5 for a test match win, 3 for an ODI win and 2 for a T20 win, England would still have retained the Ashes.

It was now my chance to actually go and watch some live cricket at a ground.
I chose to watch the two T20 semi final matches of the Women's state teams. The games were being held at the Blacktown Sportspark. I had vowed never to go there again after a visit last year when the match was rained off. Apart from that the place is in the middle of nowhere and it is a one hour train ride and a half hour walk to get there. However I thought that I would give it another go.

Part of my walk to the ground from the Rooty Hill station is alongside the M7.
The first match started at 10am and was between the NSW Breakers and the ACT Meteors. The Breakers were the strong favourites for the match and I had seen them play quite a few times and they always won.
The ACT Meteors were batting first.
The ACT girls batted really well and got 146 runs during their 20 overs. This did seem a competitive total but I have seen the NSW Breakers chase down these scores in the past.
However a certain Rhianna Dick put on an amazing bowling performance for the ACT Meteors. Here is the scoreboard just before the last ball. NSW are going to lose this one.
A wicket off the last ball as Southerland plays and misses and is stumped.
Celebrations for the ACT Meteors for a well deserved win.
The teams leave the field.
The final scores with R Dick getting an amazing 6 wickets.
So the ACT Meteors are in the T20 final. There was now a long lunch break before the second semi final was due to start at 2:30pm.
As the QLD Fire came onto the field to warm up they did look rather like a bunch of kids in the local park.
However there were some of Australia's best cricketers amongst them. Here is Holly Ferling who is the emerging fast bowler for the Southern Stars. She seems to be quite good at getting the wicket of the England skipper.
With these players from the Victoria Spirit I must have seen almost the entire Women's International team that played in the Ashes on the field today.
The match gets started and Holly Ferling claims the wicket of Villani in her first over.
It was a mainly cloudy day and was only just warm enough for spectators.
After their 20 overs, the Victoria Spirit had only managed a low total of 118 runs. A bit of a surprise considering their batting lineup.
Now it was time for the Queensland Fire to come on and bat.
They raced up to 117 runs in just 15.2 overs and only needed 2 more runs to pull off a famous victory.
Mooney hits 4 to score the winning runs.
The final scoreboard.
Handshakes and it is yet another upset as the Queensland Fire get to the T20 final.
Back at Rooty Hill Station ready for my one hour train ride to Sydney.
Later I heard that the final will be played at the WACA and so I will not be going to watch it, but at least it is on tv.
It had been a really enjoyable day of cricket, with some great skills on show, and both underdog teams making the final.


Coming back to Oz

Since my last post where I went to watch a Women's Ashes match at Hove, I have managed to do a few things and visit a few places.

A visit to the Malvern area where my youngest daughter lives and we went on a local stroll.
Some of the local buildings and neighbours were interesting.
At home I enjoyed a cup of tea in my F1 mugs.
I went on a visit to the seaside (Hastings)
There are some old buildings in the area.
I walked along the Basingstoke canal to see a bike race.
Wiggo and Mark Cavendish rushed by.
Went for a countryside walk around Chobham
A new Scotty dog puppy came onto the scene
Winter was coming and squirrels were collecting nuts
The new puppy seemed to like watching football
It was getting frosty in the mornings
Anyway, the time is soon approaching when I will be heading back to Sydney and leaving the English winter behind.
My next post will be from Sydney and include a visit to Blacktown to watch some T20 matches.