Friday, April 03, 2009

Back in the UK

I am back in the UK for at least the next six months having just spent seven months living in Sydney. I really enjoyed my time in Oz and had great weather. Missing the English winter was a bonus and apparently it snowed here.
I have been in a queue for an Australian Contributory Parent Visa (CPV) for just over a year and still do not even have a case officer assigned to me. Considering the fact that I am going to have to pay the Australian government a large chunk of money, as well as meet all the other criteria, it is a pity that the process takes so long. I hope to have my visa by the end of the year.

The new Formula One Grand Prix season has just started and it is exciting with the new rules upsetting the form book. It has been hard keeping up with the changes in the results over the last week. I have started a website that displays in chart form the standings for both drivers and teams as the season goes on. I think it is a great way to compare the performance of drivers such as Button and Massa, as well as teams like McLaren and Williams. If you want to see the charts, have a look at :-

All the best