Thursday, December 20, 2007

Living in Woking

Hi All

I have moved just a few miles from Bisley to a house on the outskirts of Goldsworth Park in Woking. This takes me into a different borough council. So instead of Surrey Heath BC who made a reasonable job of keeping Bisley in good order, I am now a council tax payer in the Woking BC area.

Even though I have only been here a couple of weeks I am not that impressed with the upkeep of the area. I also saw a thief in a hoodie who had just stolen a postman’s delivery bag and when I approached him, he threw the postbag in the canal and ran off. I rang 911 on my mobile and although the police took some details nothing further happened. I guess that even if the culprit had be apprehended, that the local magistrate would have let him off scott free.

Here are some pictures I took when walking my dog today.

We will start with some scenic ones.

A local lock on the Basingstoke canal

The wildlife walking on the ice

Now some of the problems

A signpost in need of repair

The barriers from a repair on a footbridge are now spread all over the place as rubbish.

The temporary repair has been like this for weeks.

A nearby lamppost of falling over and the top is coming off. Graffiti on the fence as well.

A broken wall in Bampton Way

Worn out road names.

Ah yes, this is a wheelie bin borough. This town is never going to win any awards for good looks. A shame as the terraced houses look quite nice.

This is where the money is spent. A white elephant by Woking station.

I hope things improve here as they have a way to go to catch up with Surrey Heath BC.


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