Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In Sydney again


I am back in Sydney after a disappointing summer in the UK. Although I did have a really perfect week at Taunton in early June when I went to watch the England Women’s Cricket team compete in the International Twenty-20 tournament. They were unbeaten in the all their matches at Taunton. Next they were playing Australia in the semi’s at the Oval. I managed to get a ticket on ebay and watched a great match where our girls beat Australia in a tough match. The English Women went on to beat New Zealand in the final at Lords.
So having won the International Women’s 50 ODI tournament earlier in the year in Sydney, they now held the Twenty-20 title too. Lastly they went on to beat Australia in the Women’s Ashes as well. An excellent performance.

This time I have entered Australia with my permanent resident’s visa. It took just over 18 months to get the visa but it was worth it.

I think Australia is a great place with very good weather. The thing I do find odd are the adverts on the tv here. They seem to consist of people shouting at you. Why do they do that ? It just makes me switch to a different channel. The fact that a nation accepts these kind of ads is worrying and their politicians seem to adopt the same “shout at you” techniques. Luckily with the age of the Internet it is easier to watch programs from other countries.

I have a great view from my apartment as it overlooks the harbour, bridge and Opera House.

If you want to see this view being updated every 60 seconds you can at www.sydneyview.com

Bye for now