Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chasing the sun

They say that I am chasing the sun.
OK so I was in Sydney during their worst summer in years, and now I am back in the UK for a few months for the English summer.
Having been back for ten days, whenever I have ventured outside I have been wearing at least four layers of clothing and taking an umbrella. With rain every day and temperatures that have not exceeded 12C it does not feel too summery with a constant North wind that is blowing off ice. A couple of days ago we had a hard frost and ice had to be scraped off the glass on cars.
Maybe it will improve, but not if your believe the forecast.

Today I went into Woking for the first time in six months.

I discovered a couple of things :-

1) Town Square is a building site.

2) A McLaren F1 will levitate when in the shopping mall.


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