Monday, May 14, 2007

New World Step 1

Hi all

In my last post I was talking about web applications and how I was planning to try to produce one.

I have now reached the end of step 1 of a two step process. I have got my program running on a PC, but currently this program needs installing on a PC and you cannot yet just use a web browser such as Internet Explorer. I am saving that for step 2.

What does the program do ?
Well it is aimed at those interested in F1 motor racing. It creates charts that compare the performances of the major teams for the Constructors Title. I thought of doing this as an example of programming in case I want to try and get a programming job at McLaren’s who are just down the road from me.
You can easily select which teams you want to compare (all are selected by default) and also select any season as far back as year 2000.
Each time you run the program it gets the latest statistics from my website and so you can follow your team’s performance throughout 2007.
It will also produce a chart showing the final Constructor Title positions from 2000 to 2006.
If you hover the mouse pointer over a graph curve it will display the actual points for the team at that Grand Prix. The venues are represented by country flags and hovering the mouse pointer over a country flag will pop up a balloon showing the place and date of the Grand Prix.

For good measure I have included a feature that will display the latest F1 new items. It gets these from the Internet.

So would you like to try this program ?
If the answer is Yes, you can download it with just a single click using this link

The program uses the Microsoft .Net framework and if it is not already on your PC then it will offer to install it for you (it should only take a few moments to do this), so maybe you should not put this on your work PC. It runs using the Windows operating system so is not suitable for most Mac's.

Once the program is installed you can start it by clicking on 'Start' -> 'All Programs' -> 'Peewit' -> 'F1 Charts'.

When running the program it does use the Internet to get the latest F1 statistics so if your security software asks you if you want the program to have access to the Internet, you need to allow access if you want to use the program to work fully.

If you have some suggestions for new features or any problems you can email me using the address shown on the opening window of the program.

Maybe as soon as the weather improves I can stop fiddling with computers and get flying again.

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