Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aus v NZ at SCG

Last year I went to the SCG to watch the first Oz v NZ women's ODI and after a few overs it was rained off. This year I was hoping for a better experience.

I did seem to take a lot of photos, although it did not feel like I was taking so many, especially as I found that I had left the memory card out of my SLR. I had to resort to swapping one card between two cameras and luckily this seemed to work.

Anyway here are the photos, sorry there are quite a few.

I saw this building from the bus on the way to the ground. It was not like that last year.
The opening ceremony
Silver Ferns
Southern Stars
I think this was the Noble Stand last year, now a building site
My view
Leah Poulton on her toes
Meg Lanning getting up to speed
Mackay and Priest are not playing today
McGlashan gets hurt and shows a leg
Lanning contemplates
We were only allowed in the Members and Ladies' stands. Not too much of a hardship except that they were using a far away wicket and the boundary seemed to have been moved in more than normal.
Hope that somebody was understanding this.
The runs kept coming.
Candy comes on to bowl.
Bowling action
Soon rewarded with LBW.
It's Cameron's wicket that is lost. She normally whacks them over the boundary
No 27 walks
A chance for drinks.
The skip seems to be pointing at me.
The run rate is still high.
Candy releases the ball.
and gets another wicket.
this time it is Sthalekar 
Alex Blacwell takes her place.
Strong defence.
Meanwhile Meg Lanning is still keeping the scoreboard turning over.
Blackwell gets stumped.
Field placings.
Candy throws in from the boundary.
Coyte falls
Lanning was run out.
She had got 87 runs
NZ skip.
I think this is Haynes walking.
Osborne joins the fray.
Jodie Fields making a contribution.
In fact a significant contribution.
Talking tactics.
An array of bottles.
Meanwhile builders in action.
Well maybe not all of them.
More drinks.
Some big numbers on the board as Osborne loses her wicket.
The end is nigh, but the score is high.
Hanging in there.
248 is the final score for all out.
Candy got four wickets.
From the stand.
Not needed today.
Doolan gets runs.
Bates getting going.
Meg Lanning gets a bowl.
But Bates stays firm.
Time to move the field around.
Sthalekar tries her luck but gets no wickets today.
Satterthwaite finally falls on 98 and is understandably gutted.
McGlashan comes onto the field.
Another partnership building.
Bates gets her Hundred.
Looks like NZ will win this.
Over the winning line. The Silver Ferns have won the match.
The team members celebrate.
Well done
Suzie Bates gets the man of the match award.
Time to phone a friend.
I have seen quite a few matches between these teams but this is the first time that I have seen the Silver Ferns win. As a neutral from a Northern Hemisphere country where we tend to support the underdog, I was both surprised and pleased.

It all bodes well for a good contest over the remaining three matches of the series. They will all be held at the North Sydney Oval. The first is on Friday and I will be there.
Maybe this time I will just enjoy the cricket and take fewer photos.


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