Thursday, December 08, 2011

Don’t eat the sausages

I have carried out some research on the sausages available in and around Sydney.
As a result I can only advise that you avoid them altogether. The main problem is that they are too salty. All you can taste is salt.
The best sausages that I have found have been in supermarkets where at least they often do put the salt content on the labelling. Typically pork sausages have approximately 750mg of sodium per 100 grams of product. That is way too salty. The best I saw was about 540mg per 100 grams and these were OK but hard to find.

Beef sausages seem popular over here but I have not tried them and would rather have beef in a purer form.

So what about all these premium butchers that you see is various high streets ?

I went to Penny’s in Mosman. They are well regarded in the area. The sad fact is that they do not know what is in their pork sausages. They buy the mix in and have no idea of it’s constituents. They will still quite happily want to charge you $20 per Kg for these mystery bags. I did not take the risk.

In UK supermarkets there is a traffic light colour coding system on foods that makes it easy to determine how much of your daily recommended intake of various ingredients are included in the product.
Here is an example of the labelling.

In Australia the food industry is resisting moves to introduce a similar arrangement as you can see here.
Once again the Australian government is just the mouthpiece of commercial interests.

The maximum that you will pay in a UK supermarket for the very best sausages is around £6.50 per Kg (approx $9.75 at current exchange rates).

Conclusion – Don’t eat the sausages.

If you know of a source of good quality, low sodium sausages in Sydney then please provide me with the details.


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