Friday, March 30, 2012

Only a week left

I have just one week left before going back to the UK for a while. I hope that England has a good summer.

As I use Google as my homepage I found it rather irritating when a couple of days ago they included a "Play" item in the black navigation bar. This Play item is so that you can download games for Android devices. As I and probably millions of others do not have an Android device and have no intention of getting one, this Play button is just wasting screen space.
Luckily I found that you can easily remove it using the "Stylish" addon that is available for most browsers and free of charge. However before I found this solution I also got rid of the equally annoying Google+ that I had been suckered into joining. Google+ was having side effects on other things such as my Picasa Web Albums. Have also downloaded an old version of Picasa and turned off the automatic updates. So things are back to normal now, the way they were before Google tried to mess them all up.
Google used to say that they were not evil. These days they seem to be making a concerted effort to affect our online time. This seemed to start when they recently changed their terms and conditions. Maybe I will have another look at the Bing search engine.

Being my last week in Sydney I thought that I would do a timelapse video of a cruise liner leaving the harbour. I had bought a Canon camera in a promotional deal a couple of years ago. It was a camera base and a couple of lenses. So with the supplied Canon EOSutility software I setup the camera to take a picture every 10 seconds. The photo files end up on your PC.
Lastly with the free Avidemux program it was incredibably simple to point to the first photo and then create the video. I uploaded it to Youtube.
You can see it here.

I will have start thinking about packing soon.


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