Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mont Orgueil


It’s Sunday and being a rather uninspiring November day I decided to have that long promised practice at a watercolour landscape. I want to try to develop a loose, easy style that gives quick results.
I’ve walked the dog, Mrs Peewit has gone off to the Camberley shopping centre for the afternoon and so now is the ideal time.
I have a print of a watercolour that I bought in Jersey last year. I like the style of painting and the subject is Mont Orgueil that is in Gorey where we go each year for a week of sunshine and beaches.

After removing the print from the frame, I had a go at copying the original.
This is the result.

Once again, I can see 101 things that I could have done with more skill and the original is far better. I do tend to be so impatient and end up doing things in a rush without proper consideration. Even so, it is a first step towards a style that I want to adopt.

Here is a photo of the actual castle that I took a couple of years ago.

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