Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Newlands Corner

Hi everyone

For those who want to read about my ppl flight training in Naples Florida, see the February archives.

I thought I would show you another picture that I painted at my art class. Surprisingly the lecturer does not teach us anything and gives no homework. At the start of each lesson he asks us what we want to do. Some ladies that have been attending his class for a number of years, bring in photos of landscapes and paint them whilst discussing the things that senior
ladies discuss. I am treating this just as an incentive to spend two hours painting where without the formal classroom I would probably not get around to it. This does contrast extremely with the beginners lessons that I attended a couple of years ago. The tutor then was Maggie Hambledon and she taught us technique, checked our work, set projects, gave constructive criticism, provided homework, had a specific agenda and in retrospect did an excellent job.

Anyway here is my latest effort. The blues are a bit too bright.

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Mrs Peewit and myself were planning a day out at the seaside on Tuesday but when the day arrived it was raining hard. We altered our plans and decided to go for a walk locally if the weather cleared up. Luckily it did so early in the afternoon we drove for half an hour to Newlands Corner. This is on the A25 and is near Guildford. We got parked and into our walking boots. The weather was improving all the time.
Here is Mrs Peewit and our scottie who is called Angus.

It was amazingly warm for the time of year and although we are into autumn, most of the trees still had green leaves. Here are a couple of the autumn scenes.

After our very pleasant walk across the hilltop and then back through the woods we arrived back at the start point. Here is a map showing our route.

We decided to have an ice cream cornet with a flake each. Whilst enjoying these, I took a picture of some bikers who had come out for an afternoon ride.

The nearest bike is an old Triumph that had the usual pool of leaking oil underneath it.

There are many other walks that start from this spot and we resolved to come back and do some of them. Lets hope that we have a good Autumn.

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