Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ppl Postscript

I have recently returned from spending three and a half weeks at Naples Air Center in Naples Florida.
My blog has charted my time with them in Florida.
For those that have already been to NAC it should help with your memories of the place. For those considering going then you will know much more about the place than I did when I arrived. If I had to do it all over again, I would and not change a thing. It was a great experience in an excellent climate and location.
Nothing is guaranteed in life (except that it will end eventually) and as long as you accept this then you should have a similarly good experience.

I flew on 19 days and during those days added 43.2 hours to my logbook. Of those hours 14.1 were solo.

Since my return to the UK and the reality of the weather that is either cold and windy, or wet and windy, I have been in touch with Blackbushe Aviation and booked up some lessons. They are a couple of weeks away and of course subject to the British weather.

Yesterday I decided to fell a tree in my garden. This proved to be the most dangerous thing I have done this year. It was rather awkward to get at the trunk and I was up a ladder. I am afraid of heights. As I cut through the trunk I left a bit intact so I could go and get a wedge and hammer to make it fall in the desired direction. As I stepped off the ladder I heard a splitting sound and ran as fast as I could. I felt the branches of the falling tree brush through my hair. Looking back the tree had fallen into the space I had just been occupying. Phewww that was close.

The good news is that my dog Angus has decided to take up flying. Here he is in his headset.

This is him on his first flight round Bisley Green.

I have noticed that his R/T is not very good as it consists mainly of woofs and the occasional growl when he sees that darn Jack Russell. Luckily I am confining him to Bisley Green Dog airspace and as this is from surface to 50 ft you are unlikely to come across him.

I returned to work today and that really was a reality check. It has been raining hard all day.

This is my last post for a while, but will be back when I have more to tell re my PPL training.

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Danny said...

Hey phil! Western European weather is just great isnt it! Ahh well...shouldnt be too long before we start to get some half decent weather! You sure you want to fly if you're afraid of heights!?

peewit said...

Hi Danny
At least spring should bring some better weather.
Strange that I feel fine in a c152 cockpit in a steep turn, but like a jelly 10 foot up a ladder ?