Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A flight from Blackbushe to Goodwood

I have not been flying in a single engined General Aviation aircraft for years.

My PPL is still valid but I do not have a current medical or approval on type.
The solution was to go on a pleasure flight in a Cessna 152 from Blackbushe to Goodwood and back.
The flight included a landaway at Goodwood. The airfield at Goodwood is entirely grass, and having never landed on a grass strip, this landing would be carried out by the instructor in the other seat on my flight.
The Cessna 152 is a very popular two seat aircraft for flight training and it was the aircraft type that I learnt in.
So it all felt very familiar when I got into the left hand seat and the weather forecast was for good visibility beneath the cloud layer. Luckily I still had my own headset.

Blackbushe clubhouse
Pick a Cessna. I was flying G-CDTX
The wind was in the North East so we were taking off from 07 instead of the more usual 25.
The instructor was handling all the radio calls, so once we had completed the overhead climb we got permission to cross the Farnborough runway to the south of the field.
We used VOR radio navigation to make our way to Goodwood at 2300ft. It was not too long before the airfield came into sight.
We carried out an overhead join and flew around the airfield to get onto the base leg.
We were landing on 06. It is quite a short runway but was at least into the wind.
Taxiing around the airfield.
In the office on the grass at Goodwood.
After a cup of tea in the clubhouse at Goodwood we set off on our return journey by taking off from 06.
Our journey took us back to Farnborough and this time we got permission to transit to the north of the busy aircraft.
Our airspeed was 90 knots.
A good view of the Farnborough complex.
Very close to Blackbushe now and the M3 can clearly be seen.
My transport for the day.
It had been a very enjoyable day and I had got to do some of the flying.
These landaway pleasure flights are an excellent way to get back into flying if you have medical concerns, advancing years, or limited funds.


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