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Southern Stars make it 2 - 0

I was back at the North Sydney oval for game 2 of the five match T20 series between the Southern Stars (Australia) and the White Ferns (NZ). Yesterday's opening match was decided in the last over and was a narrow victory for the Stars.
Today the White Ferns were after revenge, however the game had been in doubt earlier due to heavy rain throughout the morning.
Luckily the rain eased off and as the start time approached the oval had mainly dried out and the weather was warm and humid. It was reassuring to hear the familiar voice of Mel Jones coming over the PA. Somehow you know it is a proper cricket match when Melanie is doing the commentary. I had watched the ABC tv coverage of the previous day's match as was mystified as to how she was commentating on live tv whilst in the background I could hear her PA announcements going out. The answer became apparent when today I saw her on the field preparing for the tv introductions and an obviously pre-recorded Mel Jones PA announcement was made.

Cloudy but brightening skies prior to the match

I must say that it is good to see the advertising free tv coverage that ABC are doing (Channel Nine are the worst) but ABC seem to be trying very hard to trivialise the matches and turning them into some sort of jokefest. Do they think their target audience are the under fives ? It seems akin to watching a football match with frequent interruptions for a Muppet Show clip.

The White Ferns had won the toss and elected to field first.
Suzie Bates asked Sian Ruck to open the bowling

S Ruck bowls the first ball of the match to opening bat Meg Lanning. Leah Poulton was the other opener.

Sian Ruck was finding it tough today and did not claim any wickets. Is that a Power Band on her wrist ? I always wonder about people that wear these.

Morna Nielsen was bowling from the southern end of the ground

With no wickets falling, Lucy Doolan was brought on to bowl from the fig tree end

Rachel Candy caught and bowled Leah Poulton on 17 runs when the Stars score was 46

Very soon after Meg Lanning was trapped LBW by Lucy Doolan for 27

With the openers having got the Stars off to a good start, the new batswomen Jess Cameron and Alex Blackwell talk tactics

Jess Cameron gets underway. Note the pink gloves.

Alex Blackwell soon gets into her stride

Candy was trying hard for another wicket

Jess Cameron was struggling to get going and then slipped on the pitch. It seemed like the fall had damaged her pink gloves. Out came some blue gloves but she faced one ball with these on before she was caught by Katey Martin from Rachel Candy's bowling for 2 runs

Lisa Sthalekar came on and was soon scoring runs

Kiwis skipper Suzie Bates decided to give Frances Mackay the ball

Alex Blackwell was building towards her 20 run total

Frances Mackay was certainly putting the effort in

Eventually Mackay got her reward as Sthalekar was stumped on 52 runs

After 20 overs the scoreboard showed 128 runs scored. That did not seem like much of a total and the Kiwi bowlers and fielders had done well

Getting ready for batting in the interval
I wonder why there are no national flags flying at the ground. They are normally there for Internationals. They are also useful to check the wind direction and speed. It is 'just not cricket' that they are absent.

The White Ferns innings gets going with Frances Mackay batting and Julie Hunter bowling.

Ooops, Frances Mackay goes lbw for 0 from Julie Hunter's bowling

Amy Satterthwaite now at the crease

Sthalekar is bowling from the fig tree end

Soon Bates is on her way out after being bowled by Sthalekar for 1 run

Satterthwaite soon follows caught Coyte, bowled Hunter for 5 with just a total of 9 runs for the Kiwis. A terrible start.

The Southern Stars celebrate 3 wickets down for just 9 runs on the board

Perry had some success with getting bat on ball

However, McGlashan fell at 2 runs scored, caught Coyte from Sthalekar's bowling

Katie Perkins comes to the crease. I have been impressed by her performance so far.

No flags ?

E Perry gets a bowl

While E Perry has a bat

Eventually Elizabeth Perry is caught by Blackwell from Jonassen's bowling for 9 runs scored

Katie Perkins heading towards her score of 19 that turned out to be the Kiwis highest individual score

Even Perkins had to go when caught by Osborne from Coytes bowling. White Ferns now just 44 runs for 6 wickets down

Katey Martin batting

Martin out for 6 runs, caught Lanning from Osborne's bowling

Nielsen swings

The shirts says 'Jonnassen' but her name is 'Jonassen', I checked. Shirtmaker must have had a bad day or cannot spell.

Lucy Doolan goes for 8 runs, caught Fields from Coyte's bowling.
Why are there no photos of runs being scored ? Answer - there were not many being scored.

Nielsen was still hanging on at the crease

Soon both Nielsen and Candy were dismissed and with the Kiwis scoring a total of 69, the Southern Stars were celebrating their second win

The final scoreboard and what a horrible sight for the White Ferns. They failed with the bat

The last two Kiwi batswomen leave the field

What happened there ?

Lisa Sthalekar is Player of the Match

Jodie Fields the skipper of the Southern Stars passes on her thoughts to the ABC tv audience. Hope the five years olds were following it

The weather had improved right through the afternoon and so there were no holdups.
It had been another enjoyable day of cricket for me to watch.
I just hope that the Kiwis can do better on Sunday when I will be back.

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