Saturday, March 03, 2007

Picture Quiz

See if you know the answers (it may help if you have been to Australia, if not then you ought to go).

You can see larger versions of the pictures by clicking on them.

Solution will be in my next post.

Let's start with an easy one

1) Which city is this ?

A. Sydney

B. Adelaide

C. Perth

2) Name this international airport

A. Los Angeles

B. Munich

C. London Heathrow

3) Seen at the Darling Harbour food courts
What type of bird is this ?

A. Chicken

B. Ibis

C. Emu

4. In which city do you get signs like this advising
you to go in the left lane to turn right ?

A. Sydney

B. Melbourne

C. Perth

5) Name this group of mountains in

A. The Bollards

B. The Pokies

C. The Hazards

6) Federation Square is in which city ?

A. Darwin

B. Melbourne

C. Canberra

7) Name this sheltered and safe beach in the
Sydney suburbs.

A. Manly beach

B. Coogee beach

C. Balmoral beach

8) Where in Sydney would you find these bats

A. Botanical gardens
B. Batanical forest
C. SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground)

9) What type of animal is this visiting our

A. Wallaby

B. Grasshopper

C. Possum

10) Name this cruise ship that is moored in
Hobart just before it set sail for a historic
meeting in Sydney with another liner.

A. HMB Endeavour
B. QE2
C. Titanic

11) In which jail was this notice about young
prisoners (age 3) seen ?
A. Wormwood Scrubs
B. Alcatraz
C. Old Melbourne Gaol

12) Name this polpular kite surfing spot near

A. St. Kilda

B. St. Martin

C Dublin

13) What kind of animal should you look out
for on the road after dusk ?

A. Kangeroo
B. Elephant
C. Alligator

14) Where is 'Bust me Gal' hill ?

A. Southern highlands of NSW

B. Tasmania

C. Clapham Common

15) Where is the Don Bradman museum

A. Sydney

B. Bowral

C. Brisbane

16) Name this famous beach

A. Bondi

B. Kirra

C. Bells

17) Where is the QE2 moored ?

A. Woolloomooloo
B. Darling Harbour
C. Circular Quay

18) Which is the meanest council in England ?

A. Reading

B. Woking

C. Luton

19) Name this bay in the Freycinet National
Park (Tasmania)

A. Oyster Bay
B. Promise Bay
C. Wineglass Bay

20) Why is the tail plane area dented ?

A. This is how it should be

B. It was hit by a fuel tanker

C. Buckling caused by a rapid descent

I will reveal the solution in my next post.

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