Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Been quiet for a while

I have been back in Sydney for a month and have another six months to go. Although a lot has been happening I must admit to doing very little in the way of posts.
In fact I was here earlier in the year for just over four months on that occasion. I took the opportunity to visit New Zealand for a couple of weeks and the highlight of the trip for me was when I was a passenger in a two seater glider (Duo Discus) and we went on a four hour flight from Omarama to above Mount Cook and back.
I did video the whole trip and there are various length versions of the video on my YouTube channel peeewit. Glider flight video
I also had a quadcopter with me and uploaded a few videos of that too.

On this trip I will be watching some cricket matches with both the Ashes (men and women's) plus some Big Bash matches.

I also have a number of visits to local places in mind.

Luckily I live just across the harbour from the Opera House and so often see this view from the ferry.
As much as I would like to be a citizen and come and go to Australia when I like, in fact I return to the UK each year as my mum is now 95 years old and I need to visit her. So for the moment I need to keep within the requirements of my residents visa and clock up 24 months of residency within a five year period. This is my second five year term as an Australian resident.

Until the next time. 

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