Monday, January 15, 2007

I can fly again

It is exactly four weeks since I wrote to the CAA with results of the extra cardiology testing that they requested. The results showed that my heart is functioning normally and that the original ecg taken on 14th November was flawed.
Today I received a reply from the CAA and in it was my new medical certificate. It is slightly irritating that they have back–dated it so that it will expire on the 14th of November 2007 considering that I have not been able to fly for 2 months.
Oh well, I must just be happy that there are no problems and I can get back in the air. I must admit that the weather over the last couple of months has not really suited VFR flying where good visibility is a must.

In fact I may delay my next trip as I am off to Australia in three weeks (BA cabin crew permitting) and will be there for another three weeks. I shall take my licence and medical certificate with me and may get a chance for a flight around Sydney.

Here is a picture that I took back in 2005

It is a float plane that flies tourists from Rose Bay. It must be quite an experience.
I will probably go for a Cessna from a local airfield.

It will be good to leave the British winter behind for a while.

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jinja said...

I am trying to book my JAA PPL flight training in the USA but can't decide which school to go with. How did you decide?

peewit said...

Well I did look at the flying forum on where you can search on NAC. I went to NAC at Naples and had a great time as the location is also a holiday resort. The weather is perfect in Feb/March but maybe gets a bit hot and humid after that. I went last February and my daily diary is on this blog. In fact I ran out of time and found that three and a half weeks was not quite enough to get my PPL. Some others found the same. I finished mine in the UK but I know someone else who went back to Florida but this time to EFT at Fort Pierce. It sounded like a good training school but not such a nice area as Naples.