Friday, May 19, 2006

Deep depression in Southern England

And the weather is bad too. I was supposed to go for my dummy skills test flight today but strong winds, low cloud and rain put paid to that. This is all caused by an unusually strong depression for the time of year. Here is the weather map for today.

It seems as though this poor weather is going to hang around for some time.

Yesterday the new Airbus 380 landed at Heathrow for the first time. There was a strong crosswind as it touched down.

Here is a picture of the impressively large and new A380 with the old and rather small 747 in the background.

Here is another A380 and a 747 that may have taken a wrong turning ?

I went to Guildford with my wife last Monday. Whilst she was looking around the shops, I wandered off to Guildford Castle and took a couple of photos so here they are.

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